Survey Pro

Thanks for visiting our website  Here is the outline of our new service - SURVEY PRO.

Organizations now must demonstrate 3 things: accountability, responsiveness and resource/budget stewardship. 

When it comes to obtaining feedback from your clients, customers or residents the usual route has been to commission a survey.  It can be a lengthy and costly process. 

But you need to have fast turnaround on an issue on a limited budget.  Examples - Is support and a need for off leash dog parks?  Should we invest in providing a new service?  Would our clients it useful?

While many tools are available such as SurveyMonkey, FluidStream etc. – who wields or uses these tools makes all the difference!  The results and usefulness of a survey depends on skilled questionnaire design, sample selection and data analysis. 

As your SURVEY PRO I will work with your staff to ensure that the survey is conducted professionally – I am your in-house SURVEY MAXIMIZER.  At the same time, I will build survey capacity in your organization.

Our SURVEY PRO service will enhance your organization’s ability to respond to service enhancements:

  • by allocating resources efficiently
  • adding value to tight budgets
  • efficiently use and enhance staff capability
  • and provide results that you can trust!

To learn more about SURVEY PRO please email or call me at 416-363-2287.   Thanks for visiting